Dr. Deepak Patkar


Dr. Ashish Chawla

Course Director

Prof. Jeffrey Kanne

Course Director


Dr. Swati Pawar


This is a classroom style course, designed to enhance the knowledge of the radiologists involved in diagnosis and management of thoracic diseases with one day focused on interstitial lung diseases. There will be didactic lectures along with case based interactive sessions. The radiology faculty will read scans of ILDs with active involvement of the participants. First day will be focused on interstitial lung diseases, particularly Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. Topics include basics of HRCT technique, Radiological anatomy of secondary pulmonary lobule, HRCT features of various ILDs and their mimickers, pitfalls in diagnosis of ILDs, current management of IPF and the role of radiologists in diagnosis of IPF. The faculty will teach the 2018 categorization of UIP pattern with respect to IPF. The hands-on cases are designed to understand the categorization of UIP and differentiation of UIP from other ILDs. The participants can also check the report of the scans to learn the reporting method of ILDs. Importance of multidisplinary discussion involving radiologists, pathologists and pulmonologists in diagnosis of various ILDs will be discussed.

The second day will be directed towards imaging of pulmonary artery and aorta. There will be lectures from faculty followed by hands-on cases. Post-lunch session will start with lecture various patterns of lung diseases followed by lectures and hands-on cases of airways diseases and cystic lung diseases.

The first half of the third day will focus on lung nodules, cancer and mediastinal masses. Post-lunch will be directed towards complex patterns in thoracic imaging. There will be a mini-test at the conclusion of course.


Each participant will be provided a laptop fixed on the desk. The laptop will be preloaded with the cases and pdf of main lectures along with a Dicom viewer. Participants are requested to carry their own mobile phone to actively participate in polling for the multiple choice questions.



  • Upon completion of this activity, participants will be able to:
  • Understand the concepts of HRCT thorax
  • Apply proper lexicon to describe HRCT findings
  • Utilize proper algorithms in diagnosing various ILDs
  • Understand the role of radiologists, pulmonologists and pathologists in multidisciplinary discussion of ILD, particularly the IPF
  • Learn how to deal with lung nodules
  • Recognize various pattern of pulmonary diseases and construct appropriate differential diagnoses
  • Improve the understanding of CTPA and CT aortogram



This course is directed to Radiologists  in training and clinical practice.